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Hour-long Evening Crickets

Sound ID: 35232
Contributor: Lynne Publishing
Description: 60-minutes, uninterrupted, cricket song sound file. Late evening, sitting by the campfire in beautiful nature surroundings. The crackle of the fire blends in with the evening ambience featuring crickets with occasional frogs and birds. We have used our own, 100% natural on-location sound recordings to create this wonderful, one-hour nature soundscape. Besides being an incredibly relaxing sound, it blocks out unwanted sounds around you, which can help you concentrate or relax. Or: use this sound to create a subtle ambience in your home. NOTE! This is an extremely LARGE DOWNLOAD: About 650 MB. You need a very stable/reliable internet connection to download it. If you want this as an Audio-CD, you can use the downloaded WAV file and a blank CD-R to burn an Audio-CD in your own computer. You can also convert it to MP3 for use with iPod or other MP3 players etc.
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Length: 3600 sec. (00:00 min.)
Size: 606 MB
Bit Depth: 16-bit
Sample Rate: 44100 HZ
Channel: Stereo
Price: 8.99 credits [?]