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Footsteps - Human stairs wooden creaky hall 06

Sound ID: 163928
Contributor: blazznet productions
Description: A person walking upstairs and downstairs thumping along. Large wood covered cement stairwell. Climbing and passing the microphone to ascend further. Old wooden stairwell creaking under the weight. Large entrance hall in Krakow Poland. Seamless loop.
Keywords: approaching, ascend, ascending, boomy, by, climb, creak, creaky, descend, down, downwards, echo, flight, floor, floorboard, foot, footstep, footwear, going, grate, indoors, marching, movement, old, pace, pacing, pass, passby, rise, run, rung, scale, screech, shoe, squeak, stair, stairway, stairwell, stamp, step, stomp, strut, thump, tramp, tread, up, upwards, walking, wood, wooden
Length: 17 sec. (00:17 min.)
Size: 2.92 MB
Bit Depth: 16-bit
Sample Rate: 44100 HZ
Channel: Stereo
Price: 3.99 credits [?]