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Transportation - Train ride interior Reunification Express Vietnam loop 04

Sound ID: 163810
Contributor: blazznet productions
Description: Train driving steadily, various terrain. Internal ambiance no passengers recorded at the gangway connection, wheels on tracks and coupling metal. The old Reunification Express linking northern and southern Vietnam. Seamless loop for a longer journey.
Keywords: Asia, board, car, carriage, chug, chugging, coach, drive, freight, gangway, gauge, interior, journey, line, link, metre, movement, moving, network, old, on, on-board, onboard, passenger, public, railroad, rail, railway, rattle, ride, riding, rolling, route, rumble, shake, single, single-track, station, stock, system, track, tracks, train, transit, transport, transportation, travel, travelling, trip, vintage
Length: 81 sec. (01:21 min.)
Size: 13.67 MB
Bit Depth: 16-bit
Sample Rate: 44100 HZ
Channel: Stereo
Price: 6.99 credits [?]