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Ambiance - Traffic busy Hanoi Vietnam loop 02

Sound ID: 163730
Contributor: blazznet productions
Description: Busy rush hour traffic in the bustling city of Hanoi Vietnam. The loudness of horns beeping, cars screeching, mopeds puttering, bycicles and the shouts of the street vendors create a colourful mix from this vibrant asian city. Loud close prospective.
Keywords: Asia, asian, automobile, beep, bike, busy, by, cacophonous, car, cross, crossing, diesel, drive, driving, engine, exhaust, fast, Hanoi, highway, honk, hoot, horn, horns, hour, junction, loud, motor, motorbike, motorcycle, pass, pass-by, passby, passing, putt, putter, revving, road, roads, roaring, running, scooter, signal, speed, street, throttle, traffic, transportation, truck, vehicle, Vietnam
Length: 180 sec. (03:00 min.)
Size: 30.32 MB
Bit Depth: 16-bit
Sample Rate: 44100 HZ
Channel: Stereo
Price: 6.99 credits [?]