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Adam Skorupa

High quality sound effects from Adam Skorupa

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agcnf media

AGCNF_MEDIA has been creating a wide-variety of sound effects – both stock SFX as well as bespoke audio solutions to a number of clients. In particular, their cartoon, fantasy, horror, and videogame sound effects have provided producers with a fresh and inspiring source for a variety of different media applications.

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Alan McKinney

High quality sound effects from Alan McKinney.

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Architect of Sound

Adam A. Johnson, aka Architect of Sound, provides custom music scoring and sound design for Film/TV/New Media projects both in the U.S. and abroad with clients in Canada, Ireland, Haiti, Egypt, and Dubai. Credits include the United Nations, Aquafina-Pepsico, the National Endowment for the Arts, US Customs, Exxon, NYC Mayor Bloomberg, LexisNexis, and more. Additional services include sonic branding, foley, audio sweetening and mixing, and music supervision.

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Aural Asia

Aural Asia is the premier producer of Asian sound effects for professional sound designers. Whether it’s a full-throttle yum sing toast at Chinese weddings in Singapore, bell dings of Hong Kong’s iconic street trams or the 300km/h wind whoosh of the Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains, Asia has a deep and rich palette of sounds that offers endless creative possibilities. Since 1989, Hongkong-born Kenn Delbridge has run audio post departments in Europe and Asia servicing international broadcasters including MTV Networks, BBC, Discovery Channel, ESPN, National Geographic and others. Now based in Singapore, he spends an inordinate amount of time plotting how to capture every sonic signature found in Asia for Aural Asia. Capturing these sounds means a kit list featuring recorders from Sound Devices and Sony, with microphones from Neumann and Sanken, all blimped out in Rycote mounts. Sometimes, it involves tapping into a network of location recordists working on an Asian documentary who stay an extra week after filming is done to gather sounds, but most of the time it involves trekking to exotic locales and being very patient. That said, sitting on a beach in Bali to record the gentle lapping of the Pacific ocean at night with cicadas native only to Asia can’t really be called work, can it?

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BBC Sound Effects

The BBC Sound Effects Library comprises the largest, most global and diverse selection of animal sound effects (i.e. from the Planet Earth Series) and global historical sound effects currently available. The original BBC 1-60 commercial series contained 2400 sound effects - now through Pro Sound Effects, the BBC has made an additional 30,000 never-released-before sound effects available commercially and royalty-free for the first time ever.

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Big Room Sound

Hey, my name is J.R. Fountain and I head up Big Room Sound. I'm a sound designer working mostly in the Toronto film/tv industry and one of my biggest sources of pride is my personal sound effects library. With every project that comes my way I'm always looking to record something new, however often times schedules leave little room for this kind of creative work. I end up scouring various libraries to get what I need and make due. So in order to have the sounds I want I've developed what I call "preventative sound design". By that I mean I always take stock of the types of projects I'm working on and the different kinds of sound effects I use. Then during my downtime I make it a point to keep my eye out for opportunities to record those sounds. This way the next time a project comes up, I know I've got good material for it. Here's an example. This year I worked on a couple of "coming of age" type films where I was in need of various high school crowd sounds, classroom stuff, hallway ambiences, and the inevitable teen parties. So during some time off I realized that it was the end of the school year. Kids don't do much at the end of the year and teachers are just looking to fill time. So I called up my old music teacher and within a couple days I was standing in front of a classroom full of music students with my mics ready to record. It ended up being a great session and I recorded probably close to an hour's worth of material. Of course it doesn't always work out this well but I find you have to be very proactive in order to build up a quality library. The sounds you collect have to be usable and to that end, working as a sound designer is certainly my greatest asset because I use just about everything I record. Working on films is also my biggest inspiration and motivation to get out and record sound effects.

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Black Dog Sound

High quality sound files from Black Dog Sound.

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Blastwave FX

Blastwave FX is a next generation High Definition sound effects libraries for professional audio production. The Blastwave Sound design teams push the sound effects envelope with innovative product formats, rich metadata, multi-channel libraries and the highest resolution audio that technology allows. Blastwave FX libraries, including the flagship SONOPEDIA , serve as royalty-free creative resources for audio professionals worldwide in post, broadcast, film, television, video games, animation, radio, new media and beyond.

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blazznet productions

20 years of experience in the sound recording, music production, foley and SFX industries, with clients that include the BBC, British Telecom, Ubisoft, The Cutting Rooms, Avatar Project and many others. A large and diverse library of dynamic sound effects, beats and loops which have featured in films, theatre productions, dance performances, fashion shows, radio advertising and web-based media. blazznet productions's high quality sound effects, tonal designs, indents, loops, voiceover prompts, sound bites and themes are all skillfully recorded, scrupulously metatagged and professionally mastered.

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Bob And Barn

High quality sound effects from Bob & Barn, specialists in music and sound design for video games.

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BUGS! is the name of a library created by the people behind Blastwave FX, and this amazing collection of High Definition sound effects features all sorts of insect sounds; including Ants, Cockroaches, Cicadas and Crickets, Flies, Bees and wasps, Beetles and Worms. From the sound of an Ant dragging its prey along the ground, to a full-on house insect infestation, this creepy, crawly sound fx collection also features some special Surround sound effects, including jungle insect ambiences in surround.

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The Casablanca library was created David Evans / Wayne Griffin, whose combined movie credits include such classics as "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", "Tomb Raider (Lara Croft)", "A Christmas Story”, "Father of the Bride", "Crash", "Naked Lunch" and many, many more. The Casablanca library contains almost 1,500 high quality sound effects ranging from light crowd / walla, quiet backgrounds, soft fountains to blasting jet sounds, explosions, screaming tyres and much more – this amazing library covers everything audible from a whisper to a scream. We are sure that you will find what you need and be impressed with the high quality of this incredible library.

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Crafted Signals

Berengar Schmidt aka Crafted Signals has created unique sound effects, some of which have been used in video games, movies, musicals and various other multimedia productions. During the last few years the skills he has acquired allow him to create, with ease, incredible sounds to fascinate his audience. He is always on a quest to find new techniques to capture and design innovative sounds and soundscapes.

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Dian Perry

Voiceover prompts from renowned voiceover artist Dian Perry.

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Cedric Hommel aka 'Filmsound' is a German sound designer, sound engineer and foley artist, working on computer games, movies, animations, multimedia and game trailers. His library consists of various naturally recorded and edited field recordings as well as synthetically created sounds - sounds from this world, and sounds from other worlds. Often, the latter ones derive from the first ones, being transformed through extensive effect chains and sound layering into something unique and different. In future, he wants to offer additional binaural recordings and more ready-to-use high-production sound elements.

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FKM Sound Library

High quality sounds from the FKM Sound Library.

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JFX Sound

Synonymous with sound quality, the JFX library is also amazingly diverse. With its roots in feature films sound design, recording and post-production, our library has grown from our passion to deliver the finest audio tracks possible. It is highly regarded for its wide stereo atmospheres and beautiful nature recordings. “Really fabulous quality, Stunning” M. B. Imotiongallery.

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Jim Verderame

Hi quality sound effects from Jim Verderame

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JW Audio Design

JW Audio Design is a sound design and sound recording company based out the east coast of the United States, providing high quality sound effects and audio services for Video Games, TV and a wide variety of other multimedia projects. Credits include several independently produced, award nominated video games and award winning sample libraries.

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Krampfstat Studio Danilo Crnogorac

High-quality sound effects from Krampfstat Studio

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Lynne Publishing

Lynne Publishing is a stock music and sound effects publishing company owned and managed by composer, producer and sound engineer Bjorn Lynne. Bjorn worked for 10 years full time as an Audio Manager for a video games company, creating the music, sound effects and ambient sound design for several triple-A, award winning video games for multiple platforms and multiple publishers including Activision, Infogrames and many others. Bjorn Lynne has since built up his own business and has recorded and produced music and sound effects all over the world, for his ever growing library of high definition, high quality royalty-free music and sound effects.

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madAUDIBLE sfx


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Manhattan Audiophile

Unique Audiophile Sound Effects: Recorded in stereo with 128x oversampling, the Manhattan Audiophile Sound Effects Series features 594 effects usable for radio, television, corporate and motion pictures. The library comprises: MPM FX1 AUTOMOTIVE: Features foreign, domestic, mid-size and compact car sounds. MPM FX2 SOUNDS OF THE CITY: Features construction, traffic, industrial and office sounds. MPM FX3 TRANSPORTATION & RURAL SOUNDS: Features trains, planes, farm animals, pets & nature sounds. MPM FX4 HOME ENVIRONMENT VOL. 1: Features assorted kitchen and bathroom sounds. MPM FX5 HOME ENVIRONMENT VOL. II: Features even more assorted kitchen and bathroom sounds. MPM FX6 SPORTS EFFECTS: All major sports, plus gun shots, bowling, billiards & more.

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Matt Temple SFX

Matt Temple, now based in Los Angeles has his roots in the music Industry. Classically trained as a violinist early on, Matt began playing guitar at the age of 12. Originally from New York, he spent 12 years in the Boston Area playing in bands and producing artists and songwriters. He eventually took a job teaching at the renowned Berklee College of Music. After playing the club scene and doing tours through Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the UK, Matt decided to relocate to Los Angeles. Here he has become more involved with Sound Design for Film and TV. He still produces bands although mostly as a hobby. Matt's music is computer-driven and hard-edged utilizing cutting edge technology.

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Michael Huang

Michael Huang is a composer / sound designer / Mixer based in Los Angeles, California, specializing in bringing top quality audio post production services for film, TV, Video Games and Multimedia projects. He has been providing audio production services for over 10 years and has been credited in more than 100 video games and multimedia projects.

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Mike Rafaniello

High quality sounds from Mike Rafaniello.

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High quality sound-FX from ML SFX.

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Orphic Media

High quality audio files from Orphic Media.

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Rob Nokes

Over the past few years, Rob Nokes has traveled all over the world, taking the time to explore, searching for unique sound effects. He has recorded sea lions in Uruguay, tropical fish in Saipan, spelunking the caves of Tinian, World War II planes, M60 and Stuart Tank, spelunking the Christmas Caves in the Chezk Republic, numerous monasteries in Prague, WWII concentration camp, the steppes of Kazakhstan for indigenous voices and music, busy cities and lonely villas all over Vietnam, an autopsy in the LA morgue, go-karts, modified cars, numerous dogs, football games, college basketball, junk yards, F-18 Jets, rockets and much more.

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SONIC ARCHIVE is led by the sound designers of DYNAMEDION, one of the world's most successful game audio studios with over 600 completed productions around the globe. The list of clients reads like the who's-who of video game production: Disney•Pixar, Microsoft, Crytek, Electronic Arts, LucasArts, Square Enix, Ubisoft, BigPoint, Popcap Games and many more. The sounds of SONIC ARCHIVE are based on the high quality source recordings for their great variety of projects in the field of games, TV, movies, etc. All SonicArchive files contain extensive Soundminer metadata to make your workflow as fast and easy as possible.

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Sound Control SE

Sound Control SE are proud to present the Prime Sounds Library. In this library, all of the sound effects and backdrops were created by sound effect creators Sound Control, a company involved in numerous motion pictures and television productions. The majority of the effects in the library were originally created for commercial projects. From swords to doors and TV programs to explosions, your basic needs and beyond will be met with this library.

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Sound Effects Bible

Ric Viers is the author of The Sound Effects Bible. His sound design work has been used in major motion pictures, television shows, radio programs, and video games and his location sound credits include nearly every major television network, Universal Studios, Dateline, Good Morning America, Disney, and many others. To date, he is considered to be the world’s largest independent provider of sound effects, with more than 175,000 sounds and more than 160 sound effects libraries to his credit.

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Multi Media composer for TV stations, brands, advertising, drama series and art projects. Won several (inter)national awards for his music and sound design. (3x New York Festivals) His sample libraries are used in Hollywood movies like 'The Dark Knight' and 'Stealth' and used by artists like Hans Zimmer, Jeffrey Rona, James Newton Howard, Junkie XL, The Orb etc. Don't let him come close to your precious piano!

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Soundimage is a Polish music company, offering music from various composers providing high quality royalty free music available for online licensing. Soundimage also develop their own sound effects collections and creates custom music for multimedia and advertising.

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Studio 1

Studio_1 is an Audio Production company that creates Music and Sound Effects for the Games Industry, TV and Media companies. The company is headed up by composer and sound designer Stuart Duffield, who has a history of recording, processing and editing audio of all types. This includes field and Foley recording, and Stuart has recorded everything from ambiences to sports sounds and footsteps to vehicle engines. Based in the UK, Stuart has been creating audio professionally for 16 years, and has produced a wide range of audio for various worldwide clients and numerous high profile projects. Stuart has a wide experience of synthesis, using complex sound manipulation to create original sounds. This is not only great fun, but usually produces unique and interesting results. When creating sounds, Stuart uses whatever processing is appropriate. This could be a simple addition of reverb, or could be multiple techniques combined, e.g. extreme pitch-shifting, heavy EQ, compression, delay, or other effects. Then the sound would perhaps be layered in a multi-track with other sounds that have complementary frequencies (e.g. adding a high frequency element to a bass-heavy sound). Favourite sounds for Stuart to create and edit would be making sets of sounds. For example, this might be a set of impact sounds - low, medium and hard – all with multiple versions for variety. Or it could be a looping sound with separate start, loop and end sections. Or, it might be a set of menu navigation sounds – derived from the same source material and designed to work together with a similar feel. Stuart records using various microphones (Behringer, SE Electronics, Sennheiser) and handheld devices (Sony, Zoom). Recently there is nothing he likes more than recording an everyday sound using the Zoom, and then processing part of the recorded audio into something completely different. This typically involves trying out different processing along the way, until arriving at a quirky and original sound effect. In the future, Stuart would like to record more ambiences – as he finds it very satisfying being able to capture a unique, rich and varied soundscape at high quality with a portable recording unit.

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The Foundation Library

The Foundation Sound Effects Library is the result of game sound design expert Stephan Schütze’s recording odyssey across Australia, Asia and North America starting in 2005 and continuing to this day. Schütze created this general sound effects library with the age-old maxim in mind that “all things that last must have a strong foundation.” As a leading consultant for FMOD, Schütze naturally optimized the Foundation Libraries with a game developer's needs in mind, but Foundation is also an excellent sound design tool for film and television production and is used extensively by educational institutions in media production curriculum. The Foundation Sound Effects Library contains a wealth of contemporary sound effects recordings with organized in categories such as animals, ambiences, vehicles, industrial machinery, domestic sounds, weather and other audio elements from which a limitless number of sound events can be crafted. The Foundation Library features regular sound effects updates that make it a continually refreshed, lasting sound effects resource.

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The Nightingale Voicebox

The Nightingale Voice Box is a collection of almost 3,000 human voice samples / vocal production elements - ranging from the useful, informative and straight, to the funny, obnoxious, silly and downright hilarious. Whether you're looking for a good Pirate's 'Arrrh! or little girls giggling, or any one of 3,000 other human made voice / vocal samples - even down to sound effects you would not usually think could be done with a human voice - then check out the Nightingale Voice Box. Normally the Nightingale Voice Box comes on 4 CDROM's at a price of $250 but here at 1SoundFX, each sound from the library is available individually, starting from as low as 1.99 credits.

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Waveforms FX

High quality sounds from Waveforms FX.

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