Wild animals sounds

Sounds of lions, tigers, panthers and other wild animals.

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Animal lion roar rumble 1 sec. / 00:01 min. 251 KB 2.39
Giraffe. Close sounds of Giraffe feeding on acacia. Wind in trees, crickets, flies and distant birds. Serengeti, Tanzania 114 sec. / 01:54 min. 19 MB 4.49
Ring Tailed Lemur. MC screams and calls from a troop. Madagascar coucals, common Newtonia, jerys and other birds in background. Location: Berenty, Southern Madagascar 154 sec. / 02:34 min. 26 MB 4.99
African Buffalo. Close sounds of buffalo charging a pride of lions in defence of an injured male; hoof-beats and grunts; lions snarl and growl as they are forced to retreat. Rufous-tailed starlings call and alarm call, cricket chorus and other birds in ba 221 sec. / 03:41 min. 37 MB 4.99
Blue Wildebeest. Night. Close blue wildebeest calling. Insects in background. Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya, East Africa 129 sec. / 02:09 min. 21 MB 4.99
Waterbuck. MC alarm snorts from a small herd in woodland. Birds and insects in background. Slight wind in trees. A few mic. bumps. N.B On NHC26 the duration of this recording is 1m06s Lake Nakuru, Kenya 86 sec. / 01:26 min. 14 MB 4.49
Brown Lemur. Adults grunting and screaming close with birds in background Berenty Reserve, Malagasy, Madagascar 247 sec. / 04:07 min. 41 MB 5.99
Lion. Growls and howls. Clear feeding sounds. NHC17 is a continuous recording of 73m48s. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, East Africa 215 sec. / 03:35 min. 36 MB 4.99
Eurasian Jackal. mcu howls slightly windy background Kirthar National Park, Pakistan 21 sec. / 00:21 min. 3 MB 3.49
Lion Growl SFX 1: A sound effect of a single lion growl 2 sec. / 00:02 min. 511 KB 1.99
Impala. Rutting calls of one animal Gona-re-Zhou National Park, South East Zimbabwe 22 sec. / 00:22 min. 3 MB 3.49
Blue Wildebeest. MC-MCU galloping, grunts and snorts from a large herd. Larks, wagtails, crowned plovers, hyaena, yellow-necked spurfowl and doves in background. Serengeti, Tanzania 311 sec. / 05:11 min. 52 MB 5.99
Cheetah. Close sounds of purring and licking. N.B. Exact date of this recording is unknown. Namibia 39 sec. / 00:39 min. 6 MB 3.99
Domestic Cattle. Several sheltering at gate under tree in mid-afternoon summer heat, breathing heavily and occasionally urinating Hillesley, Avon, UK 442 sec. / 07:22 min. 74 MB 5.99
Lion. Lions at buffalo kill Tanzania 124 sec. / 02:04 min. 21 MB 4.99
Lion. Close crunching and chewing on warthog (head) by male. Sneezes, growls, shaking head (118); licking and slurping. Insects and a few birds in background. Masai Mara, Kenya, East Africa 292 sec. / 04:52 min. 49 MB 5.99
African Buffalo. MC lost calls and distress calls from a crippled calf separated from the herd. Lions in distance. Mother calls MD. Evening crickets and distant Didric Cuckoo. Masai Mara, Kenya 29 sec. / 00:29 min. 5 MB 3.49
Lion. Roar. NB: Exact date in 1981 unknown East Africa 29 sec. / 00:29 min. 5 MB 3.49
Ring Tailed Lemur. MCU social calls from troop with some agressive yelps. Birds in distance. Pied Crow calls occasionally. Berenty, Southern Madagascar 340 sec. / 05:40 min. 57 MB 5.99
Spotted Hyaena. Moaning calls from single hyaena. Barking in background. Scraping sounds towards the end. Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya, East Africa 28 sec. / 00:28 min. 4 MB 3.49
Verreaux Sifaka. Close lost call. Slight wind in trees, distant bird song. Berenty, Southern Madagascar 20 sec. / 00:20 min. 3 MB 3.49
Red Fox. Female fox calling to cubs. Soft, quiet whining sounds. background calls from birds. Some sounds of wind in foliage and distant traffic. N.B. Exact location of this recording is unknown. Hokkaido Island, Japan 35 sec. / 00:35 min. 6 MB 3.99
Tiger. Copulation call London and Whipsnade Zoos, London, UK 71 sec. / 01:11 min. 12 MB 4.49
Badger. Half grown adults growling and snarling inside sett close perspective with calls of blackbird and song thrush in background Woodchester Park, Nympsfield, Gloucestershire, UK 420 sec. / 07:00 min. 71 MB 5.99
Hippopotamus. Several grunting Kibale Forest, Nr Fort Portal, Uganda 76 sec. / 01:16 min. 13 MB 4.49