Swamp & Marsh ambiences

Swamp ambiences, marsh ambiences, frog chorus etc.

Sound title Length Size Price Wish Buy
Frogs closer 02 120 sec. / 02:00 min. 22 MB 4.99
Lift Foot Out Of Swamp 2 sec. / 00:02 min. 364 KB 1.99
Marshland Atmosphere. This is a night-time recording. Frog and cricket chorus. Slight wind in vegetation at times. Trinidad 440 sec. / 07:20 min. 74 MB 5.99
Marsh Atmosphere. Mcu chirping calls from unidentified bird. Many other bird species calling in background. Also sounds of insects and frogs. Karkheh Wildlife Refuge, Khuzestan Province, Iran 53 sec. / 00:53 min. 9 MB 3.99
Fenland. LATE SPRING: MIDDAY. With wood pigeon, reed warblers, willow warbler, reed bunting, lapwing, green woodpecker and moorhen. Minsmere, Suffolk, UK 126 sec. / 02:06 min. 21 MB 4.99
Mangroves Atmosphere. Mangrove swamp. Crackling, snapping and popping sounds from the mangrove trees. Cricket chorous. Location: Hinchinbrook Island, Australia 69 sec. / 01:09 min. 11 MB 4.49
Fenland - Late Spring: Early Morning. Wind blowing through reeds with distant nightingale, flies and fish splashing Camargue, France 71 sec. / 01:11 min. 12 MB 4.49
Reed-Bed. Early morning near whiskered tern colony. Whiskered terns, great reed warblers, cuckoo. Marsh frogs. Volga Delta, Astrakhan, Russia 214 sec. / 03:34 min. 36 MB 4.99
Everglades. Spring: Night; Cricket chorus, occasional leaf falling. Bear Lake track, Everglades N.P., Florida, USA 284 sec. / 04:44 min. 48 MB 5.99
Fenland. With bittern, skylark, black-winged stilt, cuckoo, magpie, spanish wagtail. Nr Albaron, The Camargue, France 416 sec. / 06:56 min. 70 MB 5.99
Marshland Atmosphere. Night. MCU calls from frog (Bufo marinus). Other frogs in distance. Loud calls from flying waders. Other birds in the distance. Cicadas and crickets. Dog barks in background at times. Trinidad 396 sec. / 06:36 min. 67 MB 5.99
Fenland. Marshland Mere: Later Spring; Mid-day With Mallard, Redshank and Sedge Warbler. Adventurers Fen, Wicken, Cambridgeshire, UK 72 sec. / 01:12 min. 12 MB 4.49
Marshland. Dawn 5.20am-sunrise 6.20am. Reed warblers, wrens, crows, pheasant, great tits, moorhen, cuckoos, water rail, black headed gulls, sedge warbler, greylag geese, distant woodpigeons, chiffchaff, oystercatcher, coot, blue tits. Distant cattle. Slig 657 sec. / 10:57 min. 110 MB 5.99
Fenland. SUMMER; Early Morning Rather neutral reedy ditch edged with trees, with Reed Warbler and Woodpigeon in background. Kingston Seymour, South Avon, UK 296 sec. / 04:56 min. 50 MB 5.99
Swamp: Jurassic fantasy swamp ambience. Seamlessly looping sound. Long version. 26 sec. / 00:26 min. 4 MB 3.49
Marsh Ambience Florida Morning 01 Loop: Moderately active marsh or swamp ambience, morning. Bright, cheerful with birds, insects, frogs. Seamlessly looping sound 29 sec. / 00:29 min. 5 MB 3.49
Fenland Atmosphere. Fire-bellied toads, marsh frogs, sand martins and terns Evening, late spring. NB. Exact date of recording unknown. Eastern Europe 121 sec. / 02:01 min. 20 MB 4.99
Marshland Atmosphere. Night. Frog (Eleutherodactylus urichi) and cricket chorus. Distant traffic at times. Trinidad 455 sec. / 07:35 min. 76 MB 5.99
Mangrove Atmosphere. Mangrove - Mainly white terns calling in trees, other birds occasionally, movement sounds and leaf rustle, surf in background. Location: Cousin, Seychelles 291 sec. / 04:51 min. 49 MB 5.99
Tropical Swamp Forest. Early Spring: Midday. Kaboeri Creek, Surinam 149 sec. / 02:29 min. 25 MB 4.99
Fenland Atmosphere. Late spring Early morning Very neutral - close perspective reed-bed with slight movements in the reeds at times and various birds. Kingston Seymour, S.Avon, UK 169 sec. / 02:49 min. 28 MB 4.99
Swamp Atmosphere. Recorded at night. Croaks from swamp treefrogs. background calls from frogs of AGALYCHNIs genus. background stridulating insects. N.B. Date of this recording is unknown. La Selva Biological Reserve, Costa Rica, Central America 169 sec. / 02:49 min. 28 MB 4.99
Fenland. Fenland: Late Spring; Night Neutral with distant Canada Geese, Snipe drumming, Mallard flying in and Lapwing calls. Adventurers Fen, Wicken, Cambridgeshire, UK 176 sec. / 02:56 min. 29 MB 4.99
Papyrus Swamp. Late morning, cricket chorus. Common bulbuls, white-browed coucals, rufous-crowned roller and other birds. Usengi, Kenya 134 sec. / 02:14 min. 22 MB 4.99
Peat Bog. Early-late spring Early morning With snipe, wood sandpiper, blackcock, lapwing, Ural owl, greenshank and mallard. Puhatu, NE Estonia 203 sec. / 03:23 min. 34 MB 4.99