Swamp & Marsh ambiences

Swamp ambiences, marsh ambiences, frog chorus etc.

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Night Crickets Savannah Long: Steady, exotic, hot summer night crickets. Can also be jungle ambience or African ambience. 117 sec. / 01:57 min. 21 MB 4.49
Amb Crickets Koipond Kyoto Zen Garden Night Japan 65 sec. / 01:05 min. 10 MB 4.49
Marsh Ambience Florida Evening 01 Long: A dense marsh or swamp ambience with many birds, insects, frogs. Wide variety of wildlife. Long version. 696 sec. / 11:36 min. 127 MB 5.99
Inland Swamps And Marshes. Early spring, early morning With sheep, honeyeater, crested bell bird, wedgebill and galah Brickhouse Sheep Station, Carnarvon, Western Australia 190 sec. / 03:10 min. 32 MB 4.99
Marsh Atmosphere. Night. Frogs calling in the marsh. NB: Exact date of recording unknown. Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya, East Africa 49 sec. / 00:49 min. 8 MB 3.99
Marsh Edge. SPRING: MID-MORNING House sparrows, Cettis warbler, willow warbler, nightingale, reed warbler, greenfinch, goldfinch, great reed warbler, marsh frogs, insects Albufera de Alcudia, Majorca, Spain 466 sec. / 07:46 min. 78 MB 5.99
Marsh Mongoose. Close young playing and rolling in leaves and grass. Birds and sea in background. NB: Exact date of recording not known. Africa 331 sec. / 05:31 min. 55 MB 5.99
Marshland. Mid morning by side of pool near marsh. Yellow-billed storks preening. Marabou stork clicking bill as it probes in the muddy water. Calls from yellow-billed egret. Immature knob-billed geese dabbling. Woodland kingfisher in distance. Insects an 226 sec. / 03:46 min. 38 MB 4.99
Marsh Atmosphere. Night. Regular high-pitched calls from frogs. Insects and blue wildebeest calling in background. Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya, East Africa 125 sec. / 02:05 min. 21 MB 4.99
Marsh Ambience Florida Evening 01 Loop: A dense marsh or swamp ambience with many birds, insects, frogs. Wide variety of wildlife. Seamlessly looping version. 29 sec. / 00:29 min. 5 MB 3.49
Wetland Atmosphere. Fairly quiet atmosphere. Many calls from various bird species. Faint calls from Everglade kite 0m18s and 0m39s. Insect stridulation. N.B. Exact date and location of this recording is unknown. Distant engine hum. Venezuela 52 sec. / 00:52 min. 9 MB 3.99
Fenland. Reed Bed: Spring; Day Reed Warbler, Fan-tailed Warbler, Skylark. Lake Ichkeul, Tunisia 164 sec. / 02:44 min. 27 MB 4.99
Fenland. Lakeside: Spring With insects and Goldfinches, distant Blackbird. Lake Ichkeul, Tunisia 347 sec. / 05:47 min. 58 MB 5.99
Wetland Atmosphere. Calls from dunlin and redshank on mudflats. Sound of wing beats and MCU calls from birds moving between feeding areas. Calls from other waders and gulls in distance. Blakeney, Norfolk, England, UK 158 sec. / 02:38 min. 26 MB 4.99
Inland Marsh Or Swamp - Spring/Summer: Day. With American bittern, red-winged blackbird, marsh hawk, pied-billed grebe and mallard NB: Compilation from existing recordings in BBC Collection Unknown 246 sec. / 04:06 min. 41 MB 5.99
Marshland. By the side of a muddy pool at the marsh edge. Group of yellow-billed storks preening (sound of feathers being pulled through bills.) Knob-billed ducks dabbling, African jacanas calling in marsh. Calls from Saddle-billed stork (206) and Wood sa 323 sec. / 05:23 min. 54 MB 5.99
Wetland Atmosphere. Loud, resonant calls from birds. background calls from other bird species. Also sounds of insects. Occasional splashes, bubbling and other water effects. Akagera swamp, Rwanda 178 sec. / 02:58 min. 30 MB 4.99
Fenland Atmosphere. Late spring Early morning Close perspective reed-bed with breeze rustling reeds and drone-flies humming as rising sun warms them. Kingston Seymour, S.Avon, UK 242 sec. / 04:02 min. 40 MB 5.99
Swamp Atmosphere. Busy atmosphere recorded at night. Croaks from swamp treefrogs. Also calls from frogs of AGALYCHNIs genus. background stridulating insects. N.B. Date of this recording is unknown. La Selva Biological Reserve, Costa Rica, Central America 107 sec. / 01:47 min. 18 MB 4.49
Cypress Swamp. Spring: Mid-day Wind in bushes and trees, flies occasional bird calls from Great Crested Flycatcher, White-Eyed Vireo. Big Cypress, Florida, USA 248 sec. / 04:08 min. 41 MB 5.99
Marshland. Mid-afternoon at side of a grassy marsh area. Crickets, pectoral-patch cisticolas, yellow wagtail. Wind in grass. Distant black-bellied bustard and occasional other distant birds. May also be used for long grass plains, grassland. Ngorongoro Cr 400 sec. / 06:40 min. 67 MB 5.99
Wetland Atmosphere. Md calls from various bird species. Occasional water splashes. Distant sounds of aircraft. N.B. Exact locaton of this recording is unknown. California State, USA 113 sec. / 01:53 min. 19 MB 4.49
Marsh Atmosphere. Night. Frogs calling, occasionally close. Cicadas and other insects in background. Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya, East Africa 181 sec. / 03:01 min. 30 MB 4.99
Marshland. SPRING With sandhill cranes, trumpeter swans, ducks, killdeer plover, red-winged blackbirds South West Oregon, USA 256 sec. / 04:16 min. 43 MB 5.99
Frogs - Cuban Tree Frog Chorus - After Rain - Pond in Central Florida - Seamlessly looping sound 24 sec. / 00:24 min. 4 MB 3.49