Swamp & Marsh ambiences

Swamp ambiences, marsh ambiences, frog chorus etc.

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Fenland. SUMMER; Early Morning In reedy ditch fringed with trees. Gentle breeze through leaves. Songs of Reed Warbler and Wren, and calls of Great Tit. Kingston Seymour, South Avon, UK 132 sec. / 02:12 min. 22 MB 4.99
Marshland. AUTUMN: EARLY MORNING With sandhill cranes, geese and ducks South West Oregon, USA 177 sec. / 02:57 min. 30 MB 4.99
Fenland. With coot, pheasant, blackbird, woodpigeon, wren Norfolk Broads, UK 239 sec. / 03:59 min. 40 MB 4.99
Wetland Atmosphere. Loud, resonant calls from birds. background calls from other bird species. Also sounds of insects. Occasional splashes, bubbling and other water effects. Akagera swamp, Rwanda 178 sec. / 02:58 min. 30 MB 4.99
Inland Marsh Or Swamp - Spring/Summer: Day. With American bittern, red-winged blackbird, marsh hawk, pied-billed grebe and mallard NB: Compilation from existing recordings in BBC Collection Unknown 246 sec. / 04:06 min. 41 MB 5.99
Marsh Atmosphere. Night atmosphere. Nightjar sp. calling. Frogs and Cicadas calling. Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya, East Africa 121 sec. / 02:01 min. 20 MB 4.99
Marshland Atmosphere. Night. Frog (Eleutherodactylus urichi) and cricket chorus. Distant traffic at times. Trinidad 455 sec. / 07:35 min. 76 MB 5.99
Reed-Bed. Dawn in area of willows and reeds. Loud Cettis warbler. Many other birds singing and calling including blue tits, cuckoo and white- tailed sea eagle. Marsh frog chorus. Volga Delta, Astrakhan, Russia 304 sec. / 05:04 min. 51 MB 5.99
Cypress Swamp. Spring: Early afternoon Water rippling, Great Crested Flycatcher calling, insects, cricket chorus, slight wind in trees, Woodpecker calls. Big Cypress, Florida, USA 151 sec. / 02:31 min. 25 MB 4.99
Marsh Edge. SPRING: MID-MORNING Goldfinch, reed warbler, little grebe, fan-tailed warbler, marsh frog, insects Albufera de Alcudia, Majorca, Spain 122 sec. / 02:02 min. 20 MB 4.99
Wetland Atmosphere. Pre-flight calls from knots and oystercatchers. Sound of wingbeats. Mass taking off of birds at 1m53s. Snettisham, Norfolk, England, UK 137 sec. / 02:17 min. 23 MB 4.99
Frogs - Cuban Tree Frog Chorus - After Rain - Pond in Central Florida - Seamlessly looping sound 24 sec. / 00:24 min. 4 MB 3.49
Marshland. With scattered trees, snipe, black-headed gulls, sedge warbler, reed bunting, water rail, pheasant, moorhen, cuckoo, wood pigeon, cows and domestic cocks Herefordshire, UK 218 sec. / 03:38 min. 36 MB 4.99
Cypress Swamp. Spring: Mid-day Wind in bushes and trees, flies occasional bird calls from Great Crested Flycatcher, White-Eyed Vireo. Big Cypress, Florida, USA 248 sec. / 04:08 min. 41 MB 5.99
Marshland. Birds sound closer with louder reed warblers, wrens and cuckoos. Nightingales in distance.A party of shelduck fly over calling. Coot more prominent. Calls from grey wagtail.Flight calls from distant mallard. Lapwing calls and greylags take flig 699 sec. / 11:39 min. 118 MB 5.99
Marsh Atmosphere. Night. Frogs and hippos. Thunder in background. NB: Exact date of recording unknown. Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya, East Africa 171 sec. / 02:51 min. 29 MB 4.99
Wetland Atmosphere. background calls from whiskered terns. Also calls from marsh frogs, becoming busier. Sounds of wind and rustling vegetation. Some bumps on recording. Anzali Mordab Complex, Gilan Province, Iran 127 sec. / 02:07 min. 21 MB 4.99
Wetlands. Md calls, with a few louder calls, from a roost of several hundred cormorants. Song from black-collared starlings. Bulbuls in distance. Ripples in water. Distant industrial noise. Suitable for marshland and lakeside atmospheres. Mai Po Marshes, 174 sec. / 02:54 min. 29 MB 4.99
Zaire: Late evening marshy jungle atmosphere, with tree frogs and crickets. 347 sec. / 05:47 min. 58 MB 5.99
Frogs and plane 47 sec. / 00:47 min. 8 MB 3.99
Marshland. Mid morning by side of pool near marsh. A group of yellow-billed storks preening, (taking off, landing) shuffling feathers and excreting (412). Calls from wood sandpipers (051, 530, 638), yellow-billed egret (307) African jacanas (450) and mars 525 sec. / 08:45 min. 88 MB 5.99
Inland Swamps And Marshes. Early spring: Early morning With galah, wedgebill and crows Brickhouse Sheep Station, Carnarvon, Western Australia 154 sec. / 02:34 min. 26 MB 4.99
Mangrove Atmosphere. Coastal bushland - Night. Crickets and calls from white terns, surf in background. Location: Cousin, Seychelles 68 sec. / 01:08 min. 11 MB 4.49
Marsh Atmosphere. Night. Regular high-pitched calls from frogs. Insects and blue wildebeest calling in background. Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya, East Africa 125 sec. / 02:05 min. 21 MB 4.99
Saltmarsh. Red-winged Blackbirds, Common Grackles, Common Yellowthroat, bill snaps from Eastern Kingbird, Orchard Oriole, distant Canada Geese, frogs, distant Yellowlegs and Bald Eagle, Great Blue Heron. Blackwater Refuge, Maryland, USA 324 sec. / 05:24 min. 54 MB 5.99