Swamp & Marsh ambiences

Swamp ambiences, marsh ambiences, frog chorus etc.

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Marsh Ambience Florida Morning 01 Long: Moderately active marsh or swamp ambience, morning. Bright, cheerful with birds, insects, frogs. 101 sec. / 01:41 min. 18 MB 4.49
Soda fizzle, bubbles, yucky, squishy, muddy. Sulphur swamp. Mono, loop 13 sec. / 00:13 min. 1 MB 2.99
Reed Bed Atmosphere. Mcu whirring stridulation from insect and calls from unidentified frog species. background calls from frogs. N.B. Date of this recording is unknown. Eastern Transvaal, South Africa 76 sec. / 01:16 min. 13 MB 4.49
Llanos Atmosphere. Nice birdsong mcu from unidentified bird species. Approaching flight calls from Orinoco geese from 1m05s. Stridulating insects. background calls from various bird species including southern lapwing. Sounds of wind, some on microphone. H 85 sec. / 01:25 min. 14 MB 4.49
Salt Marsh. Salt-Marsh: Winter; Night With Wigeon on pool. The Dumbles, Slimbridge, Glos. UK 103 sec. / 01:43 min. 17 MB 4.49
Wetland Atmosphere. Loud, resonant calls from birds. background calls from other bird species. Also sounds of insects. Occasional splashes, bubbling and other water effects. Akagera swamp, Rwanda 178 sec. / 02:58 min. 30 MB 4.99
Marshland. With flies, coot splashing, moorhen and kingfisher Suffolk, UK 153 sec. / 02:33 min. 26 MB 4.99
Reed-Bed. Early morning near whiskered tern colony. Whiskered terns, great reed warblers, cuckoo. Marsh frogs. Volga Delta, Astrakhan, Russia 214 sec. / 03:34 min. 36 MB 4.99
Mangrove Atmosphere. Coastal bushland - Night. Crickets and calls from white terns, surf in background. Location: Cousin, Seychelles 68 sec. / 01:08 min. 11 MB 4.49
Fenland. With bittern, skylark, black-winged stilt, cuckoo, magpie, spanish wagtail. Nr Albaron, The Camargue, France 416 sec. / 06:56 min. 70 MB 5.99
Marshland. With bewicks swans, skylark, reed bunting, moorhen, wigeon, coot, lapwing Ouse Washes, Cambridgeshire, UK 125 sec. / 02:05 min. 21 MB 4.99
Mangroves. AUTUMN: MIDDAY Rather neutral with stridulating insects and distant birds. Sabah, North Borneo 209 sec. / 03:29 min. 35 MB 4.99
Fenland Atmosphere. Late spring Early morning Close perspective reed-bed with breeze rustling reeds and drone-flies humming as rising sun warms them. Kingston Seymour, S.Avon, UK 242 sec. / 04:02 min. 40 MB 5.99
Swamp Creek 1: Constant running of a small swampy creek 30 sec. / 00:30 min. 5 MB 3.99
Salt Marsh. Low-lying Marshy Pasture: Late Spring; Early Morning Rather neutral; at high tide, Skylark, Robin, Blackbird, Carrion Crow, Redshank, Wren and distant foghorn - 0800hrs. Kingston Seymour, Avon, UK 421 sec. / 07:01 min. 71 MB 5.99
Wetlands. Song from black-collared starlings. Distant calls from other birds. Crickets and flies in background. Flight sound from large insect. Voices. Also suitable for parkland atmospheres. Mai Po Marshes, Hong Kong 83 sec. / 01:23 min. 14 MB 4.49
Wetland Atmosphere. Atmosphere recorded at night. Close to background loud calls from frogs. background sounds of insects stridulating. N.B. Date of recording is unknown. Nr Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa 81 sec. / 01:21 min. 13 MB 4.49
Marsh Edge. SPRING: MID-MORNING Goldfinch, reed warbler, little grebe, fan-tailed warbler, marsh frog, insects Albufera de Alcudia, Majorca, Spain 122 sec. / 02:02 min. 20 MB 4.99
Everglades. Dusk Herons calling, other waterbirds in background. Cicadas, crickets and frogs in atmos. Everglades National Park, Florida, USA 184 sec. / 03:04 min. 31 MB 4.99
Marshland. By the side of a muddy pool at the marsh edge. Group of yellow-billed storks preening (sound of feathers being pulled through bills.) Knob-billed ducks dabbling, African jacanas calling in marsh. Calls from Saddle-billed stork (206) and Wood sa 323 sec. / 05:23 min. 54 MB 5.99
Llanos Atmosphere. Recorded in llanos with many scattered bushes. Md to distant calls from various bird species. Also sounds of insects. Venezuela 156 sec. / 02:36 min. 26 MB 4.99
Marshland. Sunset. Crickets and frogs. Masai Mara, Kenya 186 sec. / 03:06 min. 31 MB 4.99
Fenland - Summer: Midday. With long-tailed tits, turtle dove, tree sparrow and distant collared dove Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire, UK 91 sec. / 01:31 min. 15 MB 4.49
Wetland Atmosphere. Quiet atmosphere across mud at low tide. Calls from curlew, Canada geese and dunlin. Light wind and water lapping in background. Snettisham, Norfolk, England, UK 259 sec. / 04:19 min. 43 MB 5.99
Everglades. Dusk Chorus of frogs and crickets with Grackles, distant Heron calls. Everglades National Park, Florida, USA 112 sec. / 01:52 min. 19 MB 4.49