Sea Animals

Includes both sea mammals and sea creatures such as crabs, fish etc.

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Humpback Whale. Song from solo male through the breathing cycle. Song musical with mainly higher frequencies. Others singing in distance. Slight crackles from snapping shrimps, clicks from a close shrimp. Lamaina, Maui, Hawaii 315 sec. / 05:15 min. 53 MB 5.99
Dusky Dolphin. Hydrophone recording. Squeaking and buzzing vocalisations from dolphins. Also clear echolocation clicks. Valdes Peninsula, Argentina 28 sec. / 00:28 min. 4 MB 3.49
Galapagos Fur Seal. Bull threatening and giving warning call to cows James Island, Galapagos Islands 347 sec. / 05:47 min. 58 MB 5.99
Galapagos Sealion. Md echoing, honking calls from sealion. Also sounds of seawash. N.B. Exact date of this recording is unknown. Genovesa Island, Galapagos Islands 61 sec. / 01:01 min. 10 MB 4.49
Galapagos Fur Seal. Bulls roaring and diving James Island, Galapagos Islands 196 sec. / 03:16 min. 33 MB 4.99
Weddell Seal. On seal ice. Close of pup suckling, breathing and grunting. Struggling over ice to find nipple. Suckling louder and more enthusiastic after 3m30s. Followed by close bleats. Antarctica 279 sec. / 04:39 min. 47 MB 5.99
Sperm Whale. Sperm whales producing whistling cries and echolocation clicks. Hydrophone recording. N.B. Exact date of this recording is unknown. The Azores, north Atlantic 51 sec. / 00:51 min. 8 MB 3.99
Kerguelen Fur Seal. Two bulls fighting on beach. Panting after fight. Antarctica 90 sec. / 01:30 min. 15 MB 4.49
Humpback Whale. Bubble-netting and blowing underwater hydrophone recording some dropouts South Marble Island, Glacier Bay, Alaska 166 sec. / 02:46 min. 28 MB 4.99
Kerguelen Fur Seal. Colony, bulls grunting, females and pups calling. Bird Island 131 sec. / 02:11 min. 22 MB 4.99
Southern Elephant Seal. Weaner pups fighting in pool. Some leaving and moving up beach. St Andrews Bay, South Georgia 75 sec. / 01:15 min. 12 MB 4.49
Killer Whale. Close calls from a pod Boat engine in background. Recorded between 1978-83 Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada 24 sec. / 00:24 min. 4 MB 3.49
Right Whale. Close brief, loud snorting blow from whale. Some water effects. Valdes Peninsula, Argentina 12 sec. / 00:12 min. 2 MB 2.99
Galapagos Sealion. Calls on land. Heavy surf in background. Location: Punto Suarez, Hood Island, Galapagos Islands 84 sec. / 01:24 min. 14 MB 4.49
Patagonian Sealion. Colony of sealions, close calls at times. Threat calls from male. Distant surf. NB: Date of this recording is unknown. Punta Norte, Valdes Peninsula, Patagonia, Argentina 217 sec. / 03:37 min. 36 MB 4.99
Southern Sea Lion. Herd frightened into the sea Mainly splashes with some faint calls Nr Carmen de Patagones, Argentina 22 sec. / 00:22 min. 3 MB 3.49
Subantarctic Fur Seal. Angry juvenile NB: Recorded between November-May 1955/56 Gough Island, South Atlantic 33 sec. / 00:33 min. 5 MB 3.99
Northern Elephant Seal. MCU klunking calls from a large male. Colony in background. San Miguel Island, California, USA 13 sec. / 00:13 min. 2 MB 2.99
Southern Elephant Seal. Close up breathing and snorting from several. NB: Exact date of recording is not specified. Davis Station. Antarctica 41 sec. / 00:41 min. 7 MB 3.99
Right Whale. Close deep blow from whale. Also some echoing sounds of breathing. Valdes Peninsula, Argentina 22 sec. / 00:22 min. 3 MB 3.49
Patagonian Sealion. Calls from colony. Surf in background. NB: Date of this recording is unknown. Punta Norte, Valdes Peninsula, Patagonia, Argentina 309 sec. / 05:09 min. 52 MB 5.99
Southern Elephant Seal. Close various calls from male, females and pups in colony. Surf in background. Patagonia, Argentina 397 sec. / 06:37 min. 67 MB 5.99
Right Whale. Close blow and sounds of inspiration (inhalation) from whale. Some gentle water effects. Valdes Peninsula, Argentina 10 sec. / 00:10 min. 1 MB 2.99
Sperm Whale. Echolocation clicks becoming more regular. Echolocation background. Hydrophone recording. N.B. Exact date of this recording is unknown. Off Sao Miguel Island, the Azores, north Atlantic 118 sec. / 01:58 min. 20 MB 4.49
Grey Seal. General atmosphere in seal colony. Sea in background and occasional birdsong from starlings, no wind. North Rona, Scotland, UK 49 sec. / 00:49 min. 8 MB 3.99