Sea Animals

Includes both sea mammals and sea creatures such as crabs, fish etc.

Sound title Length Size Price Wish Buy
Ambiance - Aquarium fish tanks loop 03 124 sec. / 02:04 min. 20.89 MB 5.99
Southern Elephant Seal. Weaner pups in fresh water pool. Some close calls. Mainly water noises. Olsen Valley, Husvik 111 sec. / 01:51 min. 18 MB 4.49
Southern Elephant-Seal. MCU sounds from males, females and pups. St Andrews Bay, Bird Island 156 sec. / 02:36 min. 26 MB 4.99
Killer Whale. Close foraging calls from two pods. Recorded between 1978-83 Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada 59 sec. / 00:59 min. 10 MB 3.99
Snapping Shrimp. Thousands snapping claws underwater NB: Exact date of recording unknown Malaya 21 sec. / 00:21 min. 3 MB 3.49
Catching fish with dip net and bucket, brailer, scoop, flapping, water splashes, mono, loopable 33 sec. / 00:33 min. 4 MB 3.99
Dolphin Squeaks, Or Laughing Gnome, Cartoon, Funny, Dwarf 1 sec. / 00:01 min. 97 KB 1.99
Patagonian Sealion. Close calls from colony. NB: Date of this recording is unknown. Punta Norte, Valdes Peninsula, Patagonia, Argentina 268 sec. / 04:28 min. 45 MB 5.99
Walrus. Close, breathing and a few grunts from animal on ice. Charles Island, Canadian Arctic 224 sec. / 03:44 min. 38 MB 4.99
Catfish Sp. Close to mcu light splashing from catfish trapped in drying pool. El Frio Ranch, Venezuela 113 sec. / 01:53 min. 19 MB 4.49
Patagonian Sealion. Close calls from colony. Includes close roars and grunts from single male. Calls from females and pups near by. NB: Date of this recording is unknown. Punta Norte, Valdes Peninsula, Patagonia, Argentina 315 sec. / 05:15 min. 53 MB 5.99
River Dolphin. Blowing and snorting close. With birds and insects in background. Pacaya River, Peru 46 sec. / 00:46 min. 7 MB 3.99
Humpback Whale. Song from solo male through the breathing cycle. Calls from others in background. Crackles from snapping shrimps reduce about 530 in. NB Sequences from this recording can also be found on NHC000030 Tr 1-5. Lamaina, Maui, Hawaii 1612 sec. / 26:52 min. 271 MB 5.99
Common Seal. Bark of male Loch Spelve, Isle of Mull, Scotland 15 sec. / 00:15 min. 2 MB 2.99
Elephant Seal. Adults and pups with skuas, light mantled sooty albatross and sea on shore in background Bird Island, South Georgia 53 sec. / 00:53 min. 9 MB 3.99
Kerguelen Fur Seal. Close calls from pups. Colony in background. Anarctic 137 sec. / 02:17 min. 23 MB 4.99
Galapagos Sealion. Calls underwater from a bull, with snapping shrimps. Location: Devils Cram, Floreana Island, Galapagos Islands 114 sec. / 01:54 min. 19 MB 4.49
Southern Sea Lion. Herd frightened into the sea Mainly splashes with some faint calls Nr Carmen de Patagones, Argentina 22 sec. / 00:22 min. 3 MB 3.49
Sperm Whales. Sperm whales producing echolocation clicks. Also whistles and warbling. Hydrophone recording. N.B. Exact date of this recording is unknown. The Azores, north Atlantic 81 sec. / 01:21 min. 13 MB 4.49
Piranha Fish. Grunting (held in hand) Surinam 21 sec. / 00:21 min. 3 MB 3.49
Baikal Seal. Close water lapping on rocks. Occasional soft grunts from seals. Louder splashes in water as they attempt to haul themselves out on to rocks. Ushkani Islands, Lake Baikal, Russia 228 sec. / 03:48 min. 38 MB 4.99
Kerguelen Fur Seal. Close calls and barks from a female prior to giving birth. Female giving birth, at end. Antarctica 469 sec. / 07:49 min. 79 MB 5.99
Humpback Whale. Song from a solo male through the breathing cycle. Short, ascending phrases, starting at different pitches, developing into alternating high and low phrases. Some clicks from shrimp. Lamaina, Maui, Hawaii 165 sec. / 02:45 min. 28 MB 4.99
Southern Elephant Seal. Bull roaring NB: Recorded between November-May 1955/56 Gough Island, South Atlantic 109 sec. / 01:49 min. 18 MB 4.49
Sperm Whale. Sperm whale producing clicks with sporadic sequences of rhythmic clicks (some sequences may originate from other whale/s). Prominent water effects. Hydrophone recording. Dominica, Lesser Antilles 92 sec. / 01:32 min. 15 MB 4.49