Moors and Heaths

Includes moors, heaths, bush, scrubland, tundra and other uncultivated plains

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Scrub Stone And Sand Desert Atmosphere. Scrub stone and sand desert - Winter - Mid Morning - Amongst a clump of acacia trees, several birds calling and singing - most prominent is rufous-capped prinia, goat bells in background, windy. Kirthar National Par 325 sec. / 05:25 min. 54 MB 5.99
Heather Moorland. WINTER OR EARLY SPRING: DAY Force 7 gale over heather/birch moorland, increasing in force. Occasional meadow pipits Studland Heath, Dorset, UK 438 sec. / 07:18 min. 74 MB 5.99
Heather moorland in late Spring, early morning atmosphere with Golden Plover, Skylark, Curlew and distant sheep. (Some wind.) 311 sec. / 05:11 min. 52 MB 5.99
Moorland - Autumn: Day. With strong wind whistling Isle of Rhum, Inner Hebrides 41 sec. / 00:41 min. 7 MB 3.99
Scrubland. Early morning in area of open mixed grass-bush, with river in distance. White-browed sparrow weavers, doves, yellow-necked spurfowl and other birds. Swallows flying and calling. Cicadas and distant frogs. May also be used for lakeside atmospher 309 sec. / 05:09 min. 52 MB 5.99
Tundra Atmosphere. M/d peeping bird calls and warbling birdsong in background. Neutral atmosphere with some wind noise. N.B. Exact date of this recording is unknown. Northern Quebec 43 sec. / 00:43 min. 7 MB 3.99
Scrubland Atmosphere. Windy atmosphere with occasional loud gusts. Also bird calls and sounds of crickets. N.B. Exact date of this recording is unknown. Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Nr Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India 102 sec. / 01:42 min. 17 MB 4.49
Bush atmosphere, Kapiti Island, NZ (motorboat in distance) 232 sec. / 03:52 min. 39 MB 4.99
Scrubland. Morning in open area of grass-bush. Swallows calling while perched and in flight. Rosy-patched shrike, doves and other birds. Cicadas and frogs in distance. May also be used for lakeside and marshland atmospheres, but avoid piece at start with 315 sec. / 05:15 min. 53 MB 5.99
Heather Moorland. LATE SPRING: Early Morning Gusty wind, with Skylark and Snipe. West Sandwick, Yell, Shetland, UK 297 sec. / 04:57 min. 50 MB 5.99
Scrubland. Evening in open area with short, scattered acacias and brush. Prominent bird unknown (could be a song variety of white-browed scrub-robin) White-headed buffalo weavers, yellow-necked spurfowl, vulturine guineafowl. Doves and other birds. Cricke 301 sec. / 05:01 min. 51 MB 5.99
Scrubland. Midday in scrubland with good tree cover. Cicadas and crickets. Many birds singing and calling. Albury, New South Wales, Australia 312 sec. / 05:12 min. 52 MB 5.99
Moorland. EARLY-LATE SPRING With blackcocks at the lek, skylark and distant sheep Exmoor, Somerset, UK 279 sec. / 04:39 min. 47 MB 5.99
African Bush after sunset. 268 sec. / 04:28 min. 45 MB 5.99
Scrubland. Morning, 8.30am. Open scrubby hillside, near the crater base. Scattered bushes, long grass. Short grassy banks, dotted with trees and euphorbia. Many birds singing and calling, but not too busy. Prominent species are singing cisticolas and grey 595 sec. / 09:55 min. 100 MB 5.99
Tundra Atmosphere. Calls from various species near lake including: lapland buntings, oriental golden plover, long tailed duck, tern, gull and ptarmigan. Lake Taimyr, North Russia 383 sec. / 06:23 min. 64 MB 5.99
Scrub Stone And Sand Desert Atmosphere. Scrub stone and sand desert - Winter - Mid Morning. In a clump of acacia trees, several birds calling, a few insects, slightly windy. Kirthar National Park, Pakistan 163 sec. / 02:43 min. 27 MB 4.99
Moorland. ANY SEASON With skylarks and sheep Exmoor, Somerset, UK 257 sec. / 04:17 min. 43 MB 5.99
Moorland, June - Exmoor atmosphere with chaffinch, redpolls, distant cuckoo, cattle, sheep, raindrops - 1979 (1B14, reprocessed) 308 sec. / 05:08 min. 52 MB 5.99
Moorland Pasture - Spring: Early Morning. Thunderstorm. Skomer, Dyfed, Wales 229 sec. / 03:49 min. 38 MB 4.99
Bushland Atmosphere. Splash at beginning from kingfisher. Calls from palm doves and other bird species. Some background sounds of wind. Salalah, Dhofar Region, Oman 39 sec. / 00:39 min. 6 MB 3.99
Brush And Scrubland - Spring: Early Morning. With shrike thrush, galah, wedgebill and honeyeater Carnarvon, Western Australia 188 sec. / 03:08 min. 31 MB 4.99
Scrub Stone And Sand Desert Atmosphere. Scrub stone and sand desert - Winter - Mid Morning. Many birds calling and singing, insects buzzing - some close. Wind in trees and gusting. Kirthar National Park, Pakistan 245 sec. / 04:05 min. 41 MB 5.99
Tundra Atmosphere. Close many insects flying around microphone. background birdsong. N.B. Exact date of this recording is unknown. Northern Quebec 37 sec. / 00:37 min. 6 MB 3.99
Heather Moorland. LATE SPRING: Early Morning With Golden Plover, Skylark, sheep and Curlew. Aywick, Yell, Shetland, UK 317 sec. / 05:17 min. 53 MB 5.99