Lakes and lagoons sounds

Lake sounds, lagoons sounds, gentle water waves and lake ambiences.

Sound title Length Size Price Wish Buy
Water Waves Medium 03 161 sec. / 02:41 min. 44 MB 4.99
Amb Koi Pond Night Cricket Magome Japan 156 sec. / 02:36 min. 26 MB 4.99
Riverside/Lakeside. Feeding calls from many pied herons, great, little and yellow billed egrets, part of flock takes off. Other birds in background including masked plovers. Bensbach, New Guinea 56 sec. / 00:56 min. 9 MB 3.99
Lakeside Atmosphere. Winter, early morning. Willet, herons, crickets and distant birds. Location: Homosassa Springs, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA 156 sec. / 02:36 min. 26 MB 4.99
Lakeside. At night. Close heavy rain on microphone but could be on leaves. Thunder in distance. Crickets in background. Lake Baringo, Kenya, E Africa 323 sec. / 05:23 min. 54 MB 5.99
Lake Atmosphere. Md calls from a bronze winged jacana. Calls from many other bird species including a parakeet. Splash near begining of recording. Stridulating cicadas. Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Rajasthan State, India 41 sec. / 00:41 min. 7 MB 3.99
Riverside/Lakeside. Feeding calls from many pied herons, great and little egrets. Other birds in background including whistling kite and masked plover. Bensbach, New Guinea 296 sec. / 04:56 min. 50 MB 5.99
Lakeside. Early afternoon near lake. Clicking sounds from close dragonflies. Seed-pods popping. Chaffinch in background. Distant paradise shelduck calling. Occasional Canada goose calls. Also suitable for grassland, hedgerow and pasture atmospheres (North 127 sec. / 02:07 min. 21 MB 4.99
Night Atmosphere. Field crickets (one rather close from 215). Baboons in background. Lake St Lucia, South Africa 331 sec. / 05:31 min. 56 MB 5.99
Lakeside Atmosphere. Wet season. Winter migrants arriving. Ducks calling. Close insect noises. background sound of water. Water louder towards end of the band. N.B. Possibly recorded at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Bharatpur. Bharatpur, Delhi, India 134 sec. / 02:14 min. 22 MB 4.99
Lake. Red-winged Blackbirds, Canada Geese and other birds including Blue Jay at end. Spring: Early Morning Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge, Montana, USA 78 sec. / 01:18 min. 13 MB 4.49
Lake Atmosphere. Neutral, open atmosphere recorded in early morning. Md and background calls from birds with some splashes. Mcu insects. background sounds of wind. Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India 148 sec. / 02:28 min. 25 MB 4.99
Lakeside Atmosphere. Spring. Kentish plovers, greater flamingos, short-toed larks, flava wagtails, moorhen, crested larks, lesser short-toed larks and insects. Location: Lake Kelbia, Tunisia 434 sec. / 07:14 min. 73 MB 5.99
Water Waves Heavy 01 10 sec. / 00:10 min. 2 MB 2.99
Lake/Oasis Atmosphere. Lakeside (oasis) - Winter - Mid Afternoon. Frogs calling some close, several birds and insects, wind in trees. Location: Kirthar National Park, Pakistan 271 sec. / 04:31 min. 45 MB 5.99
Lakeside Atmosphere. Spring. Goldfinches, wren, reed warbler, donkey feeding and snorting. Very busy. Location: Lake Ichkeul, Tunisia 190 sec. / 03:10 min. 32 MB 4.99
Ambience Nature Water Lake Shore Boat Engine 01 120 sec. / 02:00 min. 20 MB 4.99
Lakeside. Spring: Dusk Crickets, fish splashing in water, herons calling, Red-winged Blackbirds. Anhinga Trail, Everglades N.P, Florida, USA 158 sec. / 02:38 min. 26 MB 4.99
Lake. AUTUMN: MIDDAY Birds, mainly tits, kingfisher, Cettis warbler, fish rising and water vole near microphone Etang dAureilhan, Les Landes, France 183 sec. / 03:03 min. 31 MB 4.99
Lake Atmosphere. Sounds of cicadas and distant birds. Distant roars (unidentified) gently agitate birds. Some gentle bumps, cleaner sounds in second half. Kaziranga National Park, Assam State, India 181 sec. / 03:01 min. 30 MB 4.99
Lake Atmosphere. Lake - mixed colony of egrets, cormorants, ibises and openbill storks, doves in background. Location: Bharatpur, India 118 sec. / 01:58 min. 20 MB 4.49
Lakeside. Evening Gently lapping water at side of lake, White-throated Sparrows singing, slight wind in bushes. Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada 128 sec. / 02:08 min. 21 MB 4.99
Water Waves Medium 02 81 sec. / 01:21 min. 22 MB 4.49
Lakeside. Night, by marshy area near lake. Fruit bat, crickets, distant flamingoes, doves, frogs. Lake Ndutu, Serengeti, Tanzania 234 sec. / 03:54 min. 39 MB 4.99
Lakeside. Dawn. On lakeside in front of reedbed. White-browed sparrow weavers in the acacias. Grey-backed fiscals and white- browed coucals in background. African fish eagle calls in distance. Lake Baringo, Kenya, East Africa 185 sec. / 03:05 min. 31 MB 4.99