Hills and Mountains

Includes hills, mountains, highlands and foothills

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Steppe - Spring/Summer: Midday. With bells of feeding cattle and chorus of field crickets Guadalix, Miraflores de la Sierra, Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain 451 sec. / 07:31 min. 76 MB 5.99
Mountain Grassland Atmosphere. Busy atmos with several birds species calling, prominent is some sort of icterid. Windy background. Location: Andean Foothills, Peru 167 sec. / 02:47 min. 28 MB 4.99
Mountain Atmosphere. Md calls and song from unidentified birds. background calls from ravens. Constant hiss of wind. Everest National Park, Nepal 182 sec. / 03:02 min. 30 MB 4.99
High Mountain Grassland. Alpine: Steep woodland. Summer With coal and crested tits, light wind in trees and distant alpine stream. August 86, exact date of recording unknown. Wengen, Switzerland 398 sec. / 06:38 min. 67 MB 5.99
Mountain Atmosphere. Mcu calls and wingbeats from unidentified bird. Occasional twittering calls. Some distant vehicle noise. Wind noise. N.B. Exact date and location of this recording is unknown. Ladakh District, Kashmir, India 115 sec. / 01:55 min. 19 MB 4.49
High Mountain Grassland. Neutral with distant bird song. Hawaii 166 sec. / 02:46 min. 28 MB 4.99
High Mountain Grassland. Summer Mid-morning Citril finches with water pipit in background. Jangling sounds from ski-lift pull bars. Wind over grass. Candanchu, Pyrenees, Spain 56 sec. / 00:56 min. 9 MB 3.99
Atmospheres, Summer: Welsh hillside, quiet. (Technical note, To be played at low level) 178 sec. / 02:58 min. 30 MB 4.99
Mountain Pass. Rather neutral with ortolan bunting, wheatear and whitethroat Puerto del Pico, Sierra de Gredos, Central Spain 451 sec. / 07:31 min. 76 MB 5.99
SA000500 Landslide 28 sec. / 00:28 min. 4 MB 6.11
Mountain Atmosphere. Atmosphere at 5, 000ft - Dawn, Winter. Golden-naped barbet and Malaysian treepie plus other species. Location: Kinabalu, Borneo 134 sec. / 02:14 min. 22 MB 4.99
High Mountain Grassland. Neutral; 7000ft. Mostly Amakihi. Hawaii 246 sec. / 04:06 min. 41 MB 5.99
Welsh Hillside with occasional creaking trees, birds and distant sheepdog. 183 sec. / 03:03 min. 30 MB 4.99
Mountain. Summer: 0613 hrs Prominent Lincolns Sparrow with varied Thrush in background, also distant Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Dark-eyed Junco and Pine Siskins, wind in pines. Lolo Pass, Bitterroot Mountains, Idaho, USA 273 sec. / 04:33 min. 46 MB 5.99
Mountain Atmosphere. At 5, 000ft. Morning - Winter. Persistent call of mountain barbet and golden-naped barbet, plus other birds and cicadas. Location: Kinabalu, Borneo 123 sec. / 02:03 min. 21 MB 4.99
High Mountain Grassland. Mountain (2000 ft) Very neutral, with occasional passing insect and rustling leaves. Hawaii 150 sec. / 02:30 min. 25 MB 4.99
Himalayan Foothills Atmosphere. Himalayan foothills - Winter - Late Afernoon. Many birds calling and singing - mainly bulbuls, on open hillside, slight wind in scrub. Location: Margalla Hills, Pakistan 127 sec. / 02:07 min. 21 MB 4.99
Mountain Hunting Lodge - Late Spring: Early Morning. With Bonellis warbler, coal tit, robin, house sparrows, blackcap and cuckoo Navarredonda de la Sierra, Sierra de Gredos, Spain 435 sec. / 07:15 min. 73 MB 5.99
Mountain Atmosphere. Coniferous stands near high meadows. Nuthatches, marsh tits and distant nutcracker calls. Cow-bells ringing. Sound of distant river. Alps? 201 sec. / 03:21 min. 34 MB 4.99
Outdoor Ambience Light Forest Wind In Trees Loop 218 sec. / 03:38 min. 120.28 MB 4.99
High Mountain Grassland. Summer Mid-morning Alpine chough, citril finches, water pipit and insects. Wind over grasses Candanchu, Pyrenees, Spain 66 sec. / 01:06 min. 11 MB 4.49
Himalayan Foothills Atmosphere. Himalayan foothills - Winter - Mid-morning. On Margalla Ridge, wind through chir pines, occasional loud bird call, other birds in background, wind strong at times. Distant voices in background. Location: Margalla Hills, Pak 329 sec. / 05:29 min. 55 MB 5.99
Steppe - Late Spring: Midday. With bee-eaters, chaffinch song, bells of goat herd, flies and carpenter bees Miraflores de la Sierra, Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain 241 sec. / 04:01 min. 40 MB 5.99
Mountains. Day. Mid to high altitude. Himalayan snowcock courtship calls from males high up mountain. Wind in coniferous trees, gusting at times. Songs and calls from several species in trees, including cuckoo, yellow-browed warbler, greenish warbler, gol 442 sec. / 07:22 min. 74 MB 5.99
Cave Ambience, Very Deep, Waterdrops, Falling Debris, Long, Loop 333 sec. / 05:33 min. 61 MB 5.99