Fields and Plains

Includes grasslands, meadows, prairies, ranches, hedgerows and savannas

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Farm Calm Crickets Wind 95 sec. / 01:35 min. 17 MB 4.94
Hedgerow. Winter: Early morning Chaffinches, Blue Tits, Great Tits and other small birds feeding at peanut containers. The Warth, Slimbridge, Glos, UK 47 sec. / 00:47 min. 8 MB 3.99
Woodland/Prairie Edge. House Wren, Bobwhite, Eastern Wood Pewee, Blue Jay, Mourning Dove, crickets, slight wind in trees, other birds in distance. Konza Prairie, Kansas, USA 362 sec. / 06:02 min. 61 MB 5.99
Prairie. Crickets, Upland Sandpiper, Eastern Meadowlark, Bobwhite and wind in grasses. Konza Prairie, Kansas, USA 254 sec. / 04:14 min. 42 MB 5.99
Tall Grass Prairie. Crickets, Dickcissel, Bobwhite, Upland Sandpiper, Grasshopper Sparrow and strong wind in grasses. Mid-morning. Konza Prairie, Kansas, USA 156 sec. / 02:36 min. 26 MB 4.99
Woodland: Early Morning, March, birdsong, distant traffic. 390 sec. / 06:30 min. 65 MB 5.99
Grassland. Morning on short grass plains, many larks singing, song flight from pectoral- patch cisticolas, slight gusting wind. Serengeti 242 sec. / 04:02 min. 40 MB 5.99
Prairie: Grasslands - Spring/Summer: Day. With western meadowlark Bumpy background NB: Compilation from existing recordings in BBC Collection Unknown 273 sec. / 04:33 min. 46 MB 5.99
Prairie: Grasslands - Spring/Summer: Day. With western meadowlark, song sparrow and killdeer NB: Compilation from existing recordings in BBC Collection Unknown 287 sec. / 04:47 min. 48 MB 5.99
Heathland - Late Spring: Early Morning. With hover-flies at gorse flowers and willow warblers, etc Hamptworth Common, Wiltshire, UK 66 sec. / 01:06 min. 11 MB 4.49
Hedgerow. Winter Night Neutral, with occasional distant lapwing. The Refuge, Slimbridge, Glos., UK 121 sec. / 02:01 min. 20 MB 4.99
Hedgerow. Winter. Close chorus from mixed flock of starlings, blackbirds, fieldfare, redwing, greenfinches and chaffinches. Flock takes off at 107. Robin also calls. Also suitable for coastal, urban and farmland winter atmospheres. Berrow, Somerset, UK 199 sec. / 03:19 min. 33 MB 4.99
Prairie. Very strong wind through grasses, crickets, calls from Upland Sandpipers and Bobwhite. Konza Prairie, Kansas, USA 221 sec. / 03:41 min. 37 MB 4.99
Grassland. Mid-day. Alpine meadow with fast flowing river in background. Crickets and cicadas in grass. Chaffinch calls at start. Black-billed gulls towards end of recording. Also suitable for farmland, open scrub areas and coastal dune interior. Fiordlan 268 sec. / 04:28 min. 45 MB 5.99
Savanna Atmosphere. With Wildebeest grunting and walking, and chorus of crickets. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania 209 sec. / 03:29 min. 35 MB 4.99
Grassland. Midday on grassy hillside. Anteater chats calling and singing. Rufous-naped lark singing. Pectoral patch cisticola song flight. Insects in background. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, E Africa 251 sec. / 04:11 min. 42 MB 5.99
Pampas Atmosphere. Fairly busy with calls from many bird species. background sounds of wind, growing louder. Occasional distant calls from cattle. N.B. Exact date and location of this recording is unknown. Bump 0m23s. Argentina 87 sec. / 01:27 min. 14 MB 4.49
Hedgerow. LATE SPRING: EARLY MORNING With chaffinch, wren, blue tit, rook, distant redshank, lambs, cattle and flies Ynys Hir, Dyfed, Wales 252 sec. / 04:12 min. 42 MB 5.99
Savanna Atmosphere. Mcu shrill, rapid birdsong. background busy with calls from many other bird species. N.B. Exact date of this recording is unknown. Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Swaziland, South Africa 138 sec. / 02:18 min. 23 MB 4.99
Woodland Atmosphere: Dusk, Wind in trees, bird song, distant aircraft, bee buzzing. 398 sec. / 06:38 min. 67 MB 5.99
Tall Grass Prairie. Early Morning Wind in grass, crickets, Bobwhite, Northern Oriole, Upland Sandpiper, and Eastern Meadowlark. Konza Prairie, Kansas, USA 399 sec. / 06:39 min. 67 MB 5.99
Pampas Grasslands: Marsh. With capybara, rufous hornero and insects Nr Ituzaingo, Prov. Corrientes, Argentina 86 sec. / 01:26 min. 14 MB 4.49
Tall Grass Savanna. Tall grass (wooded) savanna - winter (dry season) - dusk (night). With chorus of bush crickets, crickets, flies and night birds, eg whimbrel. Nr Ghava Town, Gambia 90 sec. / 01:30 min. 15 MB 4.49
Savanna - Late Spring: Midday. With howling wind recorded from indoors Guyana 187 sec. / 03:07 min. 31 MB 4.99
Pampas Grasslands: Tala Woodlands. DAY With great kiskadee, rufous hornero, house wren, rufous-collared sparrow, monk parakeet, white-rumped swallow La Esperanza, General Lavalle, Prov Buenos Aires, Argentina 82 sec. / 01:22 min. 14 MB 4.49