Elephant sounds

Sounds of elephants trumpeting, eating, walking etc.

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Elephant. Walking and feeding on thorn tree NB: Exact date in 1982 unknown L. Naivasha, Kenya, E Africa 228 sec. / 03:48 min. 38 MB 4.99
2 Indian elephants growling and trumpeting, with some footsteps in undergrowth, chewing noises 171 sec. / 02:51 min. 29 MB 4.99
African Elephant. Close feeding sounds from a group in marsh; breathing and blowing. Calls from African snipe at start. Footsteps in mud and sounds of grass being torn up. Masai Mara, Kenya, East Africa 255 sec. / 04:15 min. 43 MB 5.99
African Elephant. MCU gurgle call, dove and other birds in background. Grass rustling while feeding. Masai Mara, Kenya 9 sec. / 00:09 min. 1 MB 2.49
Elephant. Tail swishing and dust bathing NB: Exact date in 1982 unknown Masai Mara, Kenya, E Africa 92 sec. / 01:32 min. 15 MB 4.49
Indian Elephant. Close sea wash with breakers. Slight splashes and footsteps as elephant emerges from sea. Some low rumbles and rattling chains. Md speech from mahout. Havelock Island, Andaman Islands 156 sec. / 02:36 min. 26 MB 4.99
Indian Elephant. Swimming elephants in sea, splashing and blowing. Many calls from mahouts. Havelock Island, Andaman Islands 66 sec. / 01:06 min. 11 MB 4.49
Elephant close up, others in background. (Elephants recorded in captivity, some slight scho from walls.) 58 sec. / 00:58 min. 10 MB 3.99
African Elephant. Close eating sounds from a small group of 6 animals ripping up long grass by side of marsh. Some quiet sounds from elephants. Masai Mara, Kenya, East Africa 211 sec. / 03:31 min. 35 MB 4.99
African Elephant. Group at waterhole squirting water, etc with bird Tanzania 725 sec. / 12:05 min. 122 MB 5.99
Indian Elephant. Elephant approaches through bamboo. Sounds of snapping stems and gentle crashes. Some bangs against passenger cradle. Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India 104 sec. / 01:44 min. 17 MB 4.49
African Elephant. Close sound of elephant digging up a tree root. Sounds of foot stamping and lifting root with trunk. A few grunts and trumpets. Birds and flies in distance. Slightly windy background. Kenya, E Africa 149 sec. / 02:29 min. 25 MB 4.99
Indian Elephant. Grunts and exhalations from elephant. background speech from mahout. Kaziranga National Park, Assam State, India 16 sec. / 00:16 min. 2 MB 2.99
Elephant. Feeding and pushing over trees raining NB: Exact date in 1982 unknown L. Naivasha, Kenya, E Africa 210 sec. / 03:30 min. 35 MB 4.99
Elephant. Feeding on thorn tree NB: Exact date in 1982 unknown L. Naivasha, Kenya, E Africa 68 sec. / 01:08 min. 11 MB 4.49
Indian Elephant. Baby (aged 2 years) with old elephant Whipsnade Zoo, London, UK 54 sec. / 00:54 min. 9 MB 3.99
African Elephant. Adults browsing on trees beside road with emerald-spotted wood dove, other birds and grasshoppers Unknown 119 sec. / 01:59 min. 20 MB 4.49
African Elephant. Sound of several feeding and breaking branches. Tropical boubou, distant doves and other birds in the background. Elephant snort towards the end. * Day and month of recording is not specified. Kenya 126 sec. / 02:06 min. 21 MB 4.99
Indian Elephant. Trumpeting Whipsnade Zoo, London, UK 72 sec. / 01:12 min. 12 MB 4.49
Indian Elephant. Sound of walking through water and elephant grass. Chitwan National Park, Nepal 71 sec. / 01:11 min. 12 MB 4.49
Indian Elephant. Trumpets from elephant in musth (sexual state). background sounds of city with some speech. N.B. Exact date of this recording is unknown. New Delhi, Delhi Union Territory, India 15 sec. / 00:15 min. 2 MB 2.99
Indian Elephant. Screaming Whipsnade Zoo, London, UK 20 sec. / 00:20 min. 3 MB 3.49
Indian Elephant. Whistling and grunting while moving logs Chitwan National Park, Nepal 197 sec. / 03:17 min. 33 MB 4.99
African Elephant. Trumpeting of circus animals. Unknown 47 sec. / 00:47 min. 8 MB 3.99
African Elephant. Close - md sounds from several. Low grumblings, bubbling and gurgles in foreground. Trumpeting from two elephants fighting, then chasing each other in distance. The rest are feeding and browsing. Kenya, E Africa 317 sec. / 05:17 min. 53 MB 5.99