Bat sounds

Sounds of bats flapping and squeaking.

Sound title Length Size Price Wish Buy
Flying Fox. Assembly Sri Lanka 40 sec. / 00:40 min. 6 MB 3.99
Lyles Flying Fox. Close - mcu calls from many in Wat Kanon Tai (temple). Calls from mynahs and swifts. Occasional very distant traffic. Nr Bangkok, Thailand 311 sec. / 05:11 min. 52 MB 5.99
Bat Sp. Evening. Close sound of thousands of bats streaming out of cave. Malaysia 95 sec. / 01:35 min. 16 MB 4.49
Vampire Bat. Close echo-locating calls. Hiss background. No tape details. NB: Exact date of recording unknown. Unknown 95 sec. / 01:35 min. 16 MB 4.49
Greater Horseshoe Bat. Adults flying in loft and young calling at night Dorset, UK 116 sec. / 01:56 min. 19 MB 4.49
Vampire Bat. Close calls from a single animal. Also a few chirp calls. Hissy background with slight hum. No tape details. Exact date of recording unknown. Unknown 236 sec. / 03:56 min. 40 MB 4.99
Fruit Bat Or Flying Fox. Calls of many flying in the forest Berenty Reserve, Malagasy, Madagascar 80 sec. / 01:20 min. 13 MB 4.49
Tonga Flying Fox. MCU calls from an adult and calls as it flies off. Evening cicada and cricket chorus. near Suva, Viti Levu, Fiji 33 sec. / 00:33 min. 5 MB 3.99
Hammer Headed Fruit Bat. Md honking calls from male bats. Sounds of heavy insect stridulation. Recorded at night. Gabon 34 sec. / 00:34 min. 5 MB 3.99
Free Tailed Bat Sp. Close calls from young in colony inside cave. NB: The species is probably Brazilian free-tailed bat (Tadarida brasiliensis). Texas, USA 140 sec. / 02:20 min. 23 MB 4.99
Flying Fox. Either Lombok flying fox (Pteropus lombocensis) or Sunda flying fox (Acerodon mackloti) close aggressive calls and wingbeats as bats fly in to roost tree. Komodo Island, Indonesia 60 sec. / 01:00 min. 10 MB 4.49
Tonga Flying Fox. MCU calls from an adult. Slight wind in trees. Crickets and cicadas. MD calls from polynesian triller. Distant surf. Savasi Island, Vanua Levu, Fiji 20 sec. / 00:20 min. 3 MB 3.49
Spectacled Fruit Bat. Colony calls in town square with traffic and people in background. Town atmosphere. Madang, Papua New Guinea 241 sec. / 04:01 min. 40 MB 5.99
Greater White Lined Bat. Recorded inside temple ruins. Vocal squeaks and chattering. Also sporadic wing beats/fluttering and echo-location clicks. Birds calling in background. Tikal National Park, Guatemala 275 sec. / 04:35 min. 46 MB 5.99
Flying Fox. Many flying and calling in forest Berenty Reserve, Madagascar 57 sec. / 00:57 min. 9 MB 3.99
Fruit Bat. Colony at roost calls and wing-beats with cicadas and flies NB: Identity of species and location not certain. Date of recording unknown Madagascar 237 sec. / 03:57 min. 40 MB 4.99
Flying Foxes. MCU calls from mixed flock as they take flight - little red, grey-headed and black flying foxes. Ipswich, Queensland, Australia 31 sec. / 00:31 min. 5 MB 3.99
Serotine Bat. Mcu - close calls from bats in the roof of a farm cottage. House sparrows, swallows, swifts, house martins, wren, jackdaws, cattle, farm machinery and people in background. Recorded outside during the day. Also suitable for farm atmosphere. 145 sec. / 02:25 min. 24 MB 4.99
Noctule Bat. Close calls from several near mouth of roost hole before emerging. (Roost contained 68 bats, females and young.) Woodpigeon in background. Reading, UK 121 sec. / 02:01 min. 20 MB 4.99
Bat Sp. Ultrasonic (44kHz) recording of flying individual Barro Colorado, Panama 231 sec. / 03:51 min. 39 MB 4.99
Free Tailed Bat Sp. Dusk. Close sound of thousands of bats flying from cave. Crickets stridulating in foreground. NB: The species is probably Brazilian free-tailed bat (Tadarida brasiliensis). Texas 185 sec. / 03:05 min. 31 MB 4.99
Insectivorous Bats. Recording of roost in cave. Very constant sounds of massed wings and calls. Some more distinct chittering calls. Occasional distant engine noise. Goa Lalay cave, Bali, Indonesia 203 sec. / 03:23 min. 34 MB 4.99
Bats: Many bats squeaking excitedly. No wing flapping sound. 7 sec. / 00:07 min. 689 KB 2.49
Bats. Many bats departing cave in early evening. Chittering calls and sounds of many wings. background sounds of insects. Eckert River bat cave, Texas, USA 125 sec. / 02:05 min. 21 MB 4.99
Greater Horseshoe Bat. Adults flying and young in day Dorset, UK 31 sec. / 00:31 min. 5 MB 3.99